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Ten Terrific Travel Things

Going on a roadtrip soon?  Take a look at these ten popular items.  Some are of mere convenience–others are quite necessary.

Something for electronics?  It’s here.  Well, a few things.

Emergency items?  10-4.  You never know when something bad may happen.

Something even for the family pet!

1.) Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories

This small case has a couple of small pockets in it for cords, plugs, accessories, keys, wallet, and other items.  It is water-resistant, and can be carried in rain as long as it’s not submerged in water.  It can carry up to a 7″ tablet.

2.) Universal Waterproof Case

A few years ago, a friend and I went on an impromptu fishing trip where we waded in shallow water.  Where was I going to put my phone?  I ended up hiding it up in a tree!  Don’t hide your phone in a tree.  Put it in this submersible, waterproof pouch.

This case is rated for water depths up to 49 feet.  Any deeper will require an upgraded case due to increased water pressure at greater depths.

Being fairly air-tight, this case does not float with a phone in it, so tie it to yourself with the strap that comes with the case.

Comes with two pouches, so you either have a spare or can bring a second phone.

3.) Travel Pillow

What if you’re driving straight through to a destination, rotating drivers, and not staying in hotels or camping?  This is for you.

This neck pillow is great for driving, and inflates in only 3-4 puffs of air.

When done using, simply deflate and put away for easy storage.

The material is synthetic, is soft, and is made to feel like velvet, as opposed to other pillows which are basically mini pool floats.

4.) Passport Holder and Phone Charger

Don’t like pink?  No problem.  This item comes in six other colors.

Will hold cash, cords, credit cards, passport wallet, and phone.

The default charger cord is for Android.  However, there is an adaptor that comes with the case that enables charging of iPhones.

The case is secure against RFID hacking, disabling the ability of electronic pickpocketers.


5.) Car Seat Gap Filler

Do you know that gap between your seat and the center console?  How many times have things fallen in that gap?  Phones, pieces of food, pens and pencils?

Look no further than this item that will catch those items and keep them from ending up beneath your seat or who knows where.

This filler attaches directly to the seat belt catch, and doesn’t require adjustment with movement of the seat.

Every purchase includes a gap filler for both the driver side and the passenger side.

6.) Car Insurance and Registration Holder

A simple, yet effective wallet for your glove box, it’s a one stop spot for all pertinent documents in case of accident or if you’re pulled over police.

7.) Always Prepared 65-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit

This emergency kit is an absolute lifesaver in the case of many emergencies on the road.

It comes with 65 items, including flashlight with batteries and heavy duty jumper cables.  No need to flag down someone and beg them for jumper cables in the event of a dead battery!

The kit’s items are well packed within this compact bag.

It’s an outstanding gift for any friends or relatives who drive.

8.) Universal Smartphones Car Air Vent Mount Holder 

Why put your phone in your seat or some inconvenient compartment, when you can have this phone holder?

This has a clip that attached directly to the air vent in your car.  Very helpful if you’re using GPS or listening to podcasts.

This carries a wide array of devices, with a size range of 1.9-3.7 inches wide..

9.)  Original Pet Seat Cover

Taking your dog to the dog park, or on a vacation, this cover not only provides protection for your seats, but it is comfortable for your dog and converts into a hammock for additional comfort and sleeping capability.

This cover attaches to the headrests of both the front and rear seats.

Two large pockets sit behind the driver’s side seat, allowing room for dog toys, food, grooming accessories, and leashes.

10.) Bluetooth Receiver

If you have an older car with no native Bluetooth broadcasting capability, but have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, this is the perfect device for you.

Plug this into your car stereo’s jack, let your phone find the receiver, and you can soon listen to music, podcasts, and handle phone calls.

This receiver can handle up to two Bluetooth devices at once.

Like most portable devices, this does require charging, but you can use your phone’s charger to charge the device.  A single charge allows for 8 hours of talk time.

Any other items you’d like to recommend?  Anything here you’ve tried?  Please comment in the box below.

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