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An Introduction

Hello to everyone. I am glad you have found this site.

My name is Steve. I live in Temple Terrace, Florida and want to share my roadgeek passion with all of you.

From a young age, I loved to read maps. Local city maps, maps in the phone book, road atlases, large wall maps of North America. At age 4, a puzzle of the entire United States with all the state capitals listed (I memorized all 50 states, and have since forgotten about 15).  Later on, I bought a map on CD-ROM which covered the entire nation. From there, it was Yahoo Maps, MapQuest, Google Maps, and my favorite, Google Earth.

In taking after my father, I enjoyed being on a drafting board from a young age. I drew long roadways, taped together end-on-end, on page after page of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. They’d start out at 2-lane highways and 4-lane interstates. They’d end up as 4- and 6-lane highways and 10-lane interstates, complete with new intersections and interchanges.

Enough of the history lesson from me, though. I will go back into my past when it’s necessary. I’ll try not to tell the same stories.

As Take The Highway gets bigger, some of what you should expect:

Road trips: I will share some of my favorite road trips around the state of Florida mostly, but also a few others I’ve taken.

Different highways: I will cover the different highways and byways. I will talk about the known ones, and will definitely talk about the lesser-known ones.

Crossroads — A Series of Towns located on major thoroughfares: Read about the cities, towns, and junctions where two or more major roads meet.

Roadside Attractions: Along the highways, check out some of the things along the way.

Realignments of Highways: Many towns and cities have had their downtown bypassed by major thoroughfares, such as US highways and State Highways for a variety of reasons.  I will do a then and now segment on select towns and the roads that once serviced them.

•Much, much more: Even more than I can anticipate. Stay tuned!
Welcome to the Take the Highway Blog, and jump on the highway. Please let me know how you like this. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.