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Product and Services Review — Uber

Uber really is more than a ride-sharing service than something for a road trip.  However, if you need to get to the airport, if you need to get to a car rental place, if you want to take a train or a bus, Uber is an easy and affordable option.

A ride can be set up either online or their simple-to-use smartphone app for Android or iPhone.

Why Uber?

I had to get a repair done on the rim of my car (previously written about here) but didn’t have a good way of getting from the repair shop to the rental car place.  My car wouldn’t be available for close to 48 hours, and I had to get around in the meantime.

I downloaded the Uber app onto my phone in the lobby of the service shop.  After plugging in my payment information, I added the repair shop’s address and the rental car place’s address into the app.  After agreeing to the charges, I placed the order.

Due to Sunday afternoon being a time of high demand, I had to agree to a multiplier called Surge Pricing.  You agree to an X amount over and above the subtotal.  Mine was 1.5x, or 150%.

My receipt with a breakdown of the charges

After agreeing and placing the order, a confirmation screen popped up with a number, the driver’s name, and a description of the driver’s car.  The car was described as a black Mercedes-Benz.

Within less than two minutes, a black Mercedes-Benz pulled into a parking spot and put the car in park.  The driver was a friendly man in his mid-50s who knew the area well.  He decided to take on one more fare before calling it quits for the day.  He was guided the whole way there by the Uber app’s GPS on his smartphone, given to all drivers.


The almost five-mile fare came out to a grand total of $10.73.

Passengers can tip but is not absolutely necessary if you don’t have cash.  In fact, Uber describes the transactions as a largely “cashless experience.”

Uber is something I would absolutely do again if the need presented itself.  The app is easy to use, and drivers must maintain a 4.6/5 rating in order to continue driving.  Uber is a high-tech alternative to traditional yellow cabs.


Are you an Uber fan?  Have you had a bad experience?  Are you an Uber driver?  Please comment in the box below.