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YouTube Star Adam The Woo’s Hiatus

On Adam The Woo’s daily vlog, The Daily Woo, Adam announced that he would be ending it after posting for 1,911 straight days.

Adam cited a few different reasons for ending it, among them fatigue.  The pressure of having to put a video out every single day caught up.

The daily vlogs are on The Daily Woo channel (his second vlog channel), not to be confused with his original Adam The Woo channel.

His first Daily Woo episode was on July 2, 2012, about three months after I first stumbled upon Adam.

Who is Adam The Woo?

Adam The Woo is a video vlogger who travels North America documenting everything from abandoned structures, to Disney World, to movie sets, to roadside attractions, to whatever he stumbles upon.  He brings these things alive with his video work, and humorous and informed commentary.

Adam started vlogging in 2009 in his hometown of St. Cloud, Florida.  It all began with a video entitled “The Crazy/Bearded HAPPY HALLOWEEN Fellow.”

He vlogged in his spare time until 2011.  At that time, sick of his life and dead end job, he turned in his resignation and sold everything in his downtown St. Cloud apartment, which sat above a storefront.  When he vacated his apartment, he moved into his grey Ford van, which he used for touring with his punk bank The New Threat.

He lived on the money he had saved, earnings from the contents in his apartment, and PayPal donations through his website.

Over time, content gradually changed from his original channel to his second channel.

In May of 2016, he posted his last video on the original channel, until posting a 5-year anniversary video for his second channel on July 2, 2017.


I found my first Adam the Woo video by accident.  Such is life with the internet.

I was looking for implosion coverage for the Orlando Arena, which was imploded on the morning of March 25, 2012.  I’d watched a basketball game at the “O-Rena” as a kid and since became interested in the layout of sports arenas, particularly this one.

Looking through different YouTube videos, I stumbled a video of him and another urban explorer checking out the arena.

I’d watched a basketball game at the “O-Rena” as a kid and since became interested in the layout of sports arenas.

From there, I checked out a few other videos, then subscribed.

Since then, I’ve been watching Adam and his adventures regularly.  I’ve watched him grow from his grey Ford van, to the house he rented for a short time in southern California.  He then traded in the venerable van for “Large Marge,” a nod to the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and the name of the RV in which he lives.

Places I’d been, such as parts of Orlando, Kissimmee, the Citrus Tower in Clermont, I got new accounts of from Adam.


Over time, the YouTube subscribers and viewership continued to grow on both channels.  He became internet famous.  With the internet fame came negativity and inappropriate comments and objections.

The negativity was inescapable, even to the famously upbeat Adam the Woo.  That, and close to two thousand straight days of filming, researching, trying to deliver content, not wanting to let down his devoted fans.  An unimaginable 1,911 straight days, through rain and shine, through sickness, through just maybe not wanting to film.  Adam fought through it.

I’m glad Adam is taking time away from the camera.  He deserves it, and in the end there’s no doubt he will come back stronger than ever, fresher than ever, and with new ideas.

Adam was a big influence on me creating this website.  We share a common passion for exploring things sometimes off the beaten path, as well as our nation’s highways.

We’ll see you on the flip side, Adam the Woo.


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8 thoughts on “YouTube Star Adam The Woo’s Hiatus

  1. Top review.
    I liked Adam a lot though is infatuation with Disney got old fast.
    I hope to see him back.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m not a Disney guy myself, was more interested in urban exploration and more low-key roadside attractions. I think he’ll be back, maybe in time for Christmas.

  2. Was a regular viewer of Adams videos as well. Not very often do you come across someone with such a positive outlook as Adam. Miss his videos.

    1. Exactly. I always loved his upbeat attitude; it’s so rare, especially with people on YouTube. Hopefully he comes back soon. Thanks for reading!

  3. Adam you are an interesting and fun guy. Sorry to see some people were not nice to you…you deserve better. You have been a kind man. Please know that I really liked your videos.

    1. Adam is back on YouTube, but doing more elaborate videos. It’s more like ATW’s original channel, except the videos are more polished and he’s been putting more time into research.

      I’m going to do a follow up article on Adam, as there’s been a lot of great reaction.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I just now discovered the Woo! In march of 2018! and he’s gone! How the heck does this happen???

    1. He’s back, but doing more stuff on his original channel. I am going to do a follow up article on Adam and will touch on some of his latest work.

      This video was his first coming back from hiatus, showing a noticeable change in production. Longer, more polished videos.

      Thanks for reading!

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