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A Bit of a Roadside Attraction

On Tampa’s Fowler Avenue, it appears to be just strip malls, pawn shops, gas stations, more strip malls, chain fast food joint, and a lot of traffic. Then there’s University Mall.  And, of course there’s the main entrance to the University of South Florida.  Then, the Museum of Science and Industry.  A few good roadside attractions.

As Fowler Avenue continues east, it appears the strip malls and congestion continue after passing the Museum of Science and Industry.

But…There’s More

Just before Fowler Avenue crosses from Tampa into Temple Terrace, there’s a little something extra.  On the surface, it appears to be an abandoned restaurant.  It is an abandoned restaurant–a former Whistle Junction.  Before that, a Ryan’s Steakhouse.

But on the northeast corner of the building, there’s a little something else.  A faux, old-timey water tower, a part of the Whistle Junction theme.   The tower was built in 2005 to go with the Whistle Junction theme.  The restaurant closed in 2008 and remains abandoned after a handful of attempts to get it up and running.

An anonymous tagger climbed the tower and wrote the inspirational message, “an idea is NOTHING until it is composed.”


An Inspirational Word

Great words to remember if you have an idea, something that could be marketable or help people’s lives.  That’s how this website came to be…an idea, put into action.

The tower is located at 5109 E. Fowler Avenue in Tampa, one block east of the Temple Terrace city limit.

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