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Disney Springs

I have to admit something.

When I first heard and thought of the concept of Disney Springs, it was just a lot of shops. Basically a glorified shopping mall.

Turns out I was wrong. Definitely way more than a glorified shopping mall.

Getting there

It was a Sunday night when we decided to drop in, take a look around, and get a bite to eat. We thought it’d be a zoo.

Getting in was a breeze. Just a few turns off of Interstate 4, and before we knew it we were parking in a free parking garage. Typical of Disney, traffic management was well planned. Guests can also come over via boat from a number of Disney’s other ventures.

On the way to the elevators, we saw a huge balloon right in front of us. Turns out it was an amusement park ride called the Aerophile.


We took the elevator down to the main shopping level from the fifth floor of the parking garage.

In front of us was part amusement park, part outdoor mall. A true center of entertainment. Something for everyone.

The stores–there were many–were all heavily themed. Each building had its own look.

After a little while looking around and taking in the scenery, we were ready to do what we want there to do–eat.

We decided we wanted to try Chicken Guy, a Guy Fieri restaurant concept.

We found a map and then headed to Guy’s. Disney Springs is sprawling with buildings everywhere. Sure enough, we took a wrong turn. We ended up back at the same map and took off the opposite way the second time.

And there it was, right behind the Coca-Cola Store.

Dinner, at last

We walked by a number of different restaurants of varying themes. Chicken Guy’s was the busiest, with a line all the way to the front door, along with a second line outside of about 10-15 people.

Full-size Guy Fieri in the line at Chicken Guy

I ordered the grilled chicken skewers and a Diet Coke. No sides, since I’m currently on a minimal-carb diet.

The skewers were just OK, but it came with two sauces: bleu cheese and garlic parmesan. While the chicken wasn’t good enough to be a namesake, the sauces were both excellent.

After walking around a little more, we decided to head on out.

Exiting Disney Springs was just as easy. Once again, good signage led us out of the parking garage and back out to Interstate 4.

Final Thoughts

In short, I really liked it. It was dark when were there, so we undoubtedly missed out on quite a bit that was covered by the darkness.

Another trip is in order, next time in daylight.

For now, though, I felt the need to get the word out there to check out this place as part of the overall Disney experience. Admission is free, including parking. No need to worry about those high fees associated with the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom.


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