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The Water Tower Fire

It’s currently the dry season in the State of Florida.

While most years are somewhat dry with relatively few high fire danger days, some years are exceptionally dry.  This has been one of those years.

Nature’s Fury

Over 100 wildfires are burning across the state at this moment.  Most are several miles inland, but one is right on the coast.  In the marshlands of Hernando County.

This wildfire, dubbed as The Water Tower Fire, is currently raging in Hernando Beach, an area we visited not too long ago.

Luckily, water is abundant to put out the fire with proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and local quarry ponds.


No homes have been evacuated.  A handful of businesses were closed down as the fire raged close.  However, they have been slowly reopening.

Thankfully, the community of Hernando Beach is separated on the east side of Shoal Line Blvd. by a canal, separating the inferno and keeping it in the nature preserve to the east of town.

No structures have burned down, thanks to the efforts of Hernando County Fire Rescue.  Among those structures saved is the Hernando Beach water tower.

Water tower. Much of the surrounding foliage is now burned.


Pedersen Park, which sits just west of the fire.  The meeting place of media press conferences.

No roads are currently closed, but caution is advised.

Breezy conditions with winds out of the northwest could make for travel problems on US Highway 19 between Hudson and Spring Hill.

Please comment below if you have any information you’d like to add on the Water Tower Fire.

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